Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At our Lörrach production site, located in southern Baden, we finish diverse, wonderful fabrics every day which find their way into the whole world. In our work, our focus is always on the wishes of our customers. Thanks to our innovative thinking and service-oriented actions we can offer individual solutions. Good service, reliable deliveries, meeting all deadlines, high product quality at any time – these are our main priorities.

To ensure our product quality we use a 3-step quality management system:

Visual inspection directly after delivery of the textiles for finishing

  • During the finishing process, every order is checked
    - in the chemical laboratory
    - in the technical laboratory
    - in the colorimetrical laboratory
  • Our quality management process is completed by a last manual visual inspection where any defects are marked and documented.


Only after final inspection and if compliance with all technical parameters is guaranteed, the finished fabrics will be shipped to our customers.


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